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Top 10 selling club soccer jerseys of 2016
2016-07-27 13:33:45

There are plenty of ways to support our favorite football teams and football stars, such as buying a ticket to live soccer match, drinking over night for the winning of the , getting a tattoo of team logo on our skin, staying up late to watch games on television and so on. Among which, the most common popular and economic methods of showing our support and respect is to wear the soccer jersey of the team and club we support. Putting on the soccer jersey on the game day can somehow make us feel like one member of team which is waiting for the coming match. And the soccer jersey of some teams has a mysterious power which could reunite millions of fans speaking different languages and from different countries. As so many football teams and club spreading over the world, you must be curious about the top 10 selling club soccer jerseys, let’s have a good look together!


No.1 Manchester United- 2,850,000 (40% increase)-Anthony Martial

According to the sales date The Sun published, In the 2015/16 season, jersey sales of Manchester united has increased by 40% than last season and reached 2.85 million, being considered as the biggest selling jersey in any football team of the world. The best selling jersey of Manchester United is of Anthony Martial, whose popularity seems to have gone beyond the team leader Wayne Rooney. Their home jersey is white with grey stripes and orange and black details. You can get it from uusoccer at very cheap price.


No.2 FC Barcelona- 2,290,000 (32% increase)-Lionel Messi

As the first club on the top selling list to break into the millions, Barcelona is a La Liga and European giant. In the latest season, Barcelona jersey sales has increased by 32% and reached 2.29 million, ranked as the second top selling club soccer jerseys. With huge influence around the world, Messi drives most of its official jersey sales, holding the number-one position in the personal jersey sales among these of all football players. Messi retains his spot at top of the popular charts as far as football replica shirt sales are concerned. FC Barcelona home jersey is blue and red, formed into distinct vertical bars. Made up of yellow and red vertical bars, the current away jersey of FC Barcelona is borrowing the colors and design from the Catalan flag.

No.3 Real Madrid- 1,980,000 (40% increase)-Ronaldo

Like Barcelona, Real Madrid is one primary name which drives 1.98 million jerseys sold in the 2015/2016 season. As the richest football club in the world, Madrid has enjoyed considerable success in La Liga. This year, Ronaldo Messi retains his spot at top of the popular charts as far as football replica shirt sales are concerned. The home jersey of Real Madrid is white with grey stripes and orange and black in details. The away kit is blue with white stripes and orange trim.


No.4 Chelsea- 1,650,000 (40% increase)-Eden Hazard

With the honors include 4 league titles, 7 FA Cups and a Champions League title, Chelsea has been regarded one of the powers of the EPL and Europe. This season, the jersey sales of the club has increased by 32% and reached 1.65 million. Chelsea’s home jersey is blue with white trim. The away jersey is white with red and blue trim, while the third shirt is black.


No.5 Bayern München- 1,500,000 (40% increase)-Arjan Robben

Bayern München jersey sales have been very strong with an average of 1.5 million jerseys sold in this season. Bayern München is currently the powerhouse of the Bundesliga. Bayern’s home jersey is traditionally red with white trim. The away jersey is white with black trim, somewhat resembling the German National Team jersey.


No.6 Arsenal- 1,125,000 (20% increase)-Alexies Sanchez

As one of the most successful clubs in English football, Arsenal has reached a jerseys sales of 1.125 million in this year, which directly proves its global popularity and domestic influence. The home jersey of Arsenal is red with white sleeves, while their away jersey is yellow.


No.7 Juventus- 850,000-Paul Pogba

The jersey sales of Juventus in 2015/2016 season stand at 850,000. In the history, Juventus have won a record 29 league titles, which made its players win certain domestic success and the international fame. The Juventus jersey is the distinct vertical black and white bars. The away jersey is yellow and the third jersey is black.


No.8 Liverpool- 805,000-Phillipe Coutinho

Liverpool is another giant of English football. This year, the jerseys sales of Liverpool have reached 805,000 million. Liverpool’s home jersey is red, often with some form of white trim on the collar and sleeves. The away jersey is white, black and red. The third jersey is a bizarre creation of black, white, purple and grey.


No.9 PSG- 685,000-Angle Di Maria

With Zlatan, Di Maria and Cavani on their roster, PSG are now the dominant team in French soccer. As their worldwide fan base grows, the demand for their jerseys is also obviously increased. In the 2015/2016 season, their jerseys have been sold over 685,000 over the world, which make them ranked among the top 10 selling clubs. Their Home jersey is dark blue, with the sleeves offset in a slightly darker shade of the color.


No.10 AC Milan- 650,000-Keisuke Honda

Serie A’s AC Milan has one of the classic and most distinguishable jerseys within the soccer world, which have been sold over 150 million in 2015/2016 season. The red and black have been traditional colors of the club since its foundation in 1899.Milan’s traditional away jersey is all white with black and white trim. There is also a third jersey which is mostly gold in color. Like most clubs, the third jersey changes in color and design from year to year.