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How to clean white soccer jerseys
2016-11-22 19:25:42

As we all know, the soccer jerseys, especially the white ones, are easily to get insanely dirty. So there are many actions to be taken in order to keep the jerseys from being damaged. And one of the commonest way to maintenance soccer jersey is washing. Obviously, wrong washing step will cause the white soccer jersey unrecoverable. If you are worried about protecting logos, lettering, numbers wearing off, there is a way to wash your white soccer jersey safely and keeps it looking like new. 

Step 1 Turn the jersey inside out. 

This is the best way to preserve ironed-on letters and numbers, and to prevent them from rubbing off.


Step 2 Don't throw the jersey into the washing machine.

Washing machine is very easy to ruin the jerseys, especially the white ones. If you want to wear your jersey again, you'd better not throw it into the machine with other clothes.

Step 3 Separate it from other regular clothes. 

White soccer jersey is much easier to get dirty than other clothes. If you have more jerseys of white color to wash, you can wash them together. Otherwise, you'd better wash the white soccer jersey separately.

Step 4 Don't use the regular washing detergent. 

Regular washing detergent may damage the soccer jersey, so it is highly suggested to use soft washing detergent to wash the jersey. 

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