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Why do football players wear long socks?
2020-09-24 16:56:13

Why do football players wear long socks?

Finding cheap soccer jerseys and your favorite team can be just as difficult, if not worse, than finding a soccer player playing with short socks. And although it's an exaggeration and you can find cheap shirts, finding a soccer player wearing short socks is more challenging than you think.

It is more common for players to wear long socks while they have their match, either for comfort or as a rule, but why is this clothing conditioned under this rule? Do they good the athlete in any way while playing? 

Footballer clothing: long socks

It knows that any soccer player's necessary clothing involves a shirt, shorts, shin guards, shoes with appropriate studs, and long socks, but why use long socks instead of short ones?

For many players, and even the best fans who never miss the purchase of any of their cheap soccer jerseys, the asset of some long socks can be indispensable to ensure a good performance either in an official match with great teams or in private game friends.

Wearing this clothing to any match will lead the player to perform better according to the physical condition he finds himself in. That is to say; no inconvenience will prevent him from successfully achieving better results in terms of resistance and physical effort.

Not only because of the materials with which they make, which ensure the maintenance of an excellent physical condition, since they seek precisely to protect the athlete's foot so that no blisters, injuries, or rubbing created by the friction of the footwear against the various movements made by the footballer.


What materials are these socks made?

Just as you can find cheap soccer jerseys with high-quality fabrics, you can find socks that have high-quality materials. Not only to ensure the comfort you need to endure more than an hour on the field but also to recognize the significant improvement in performance at the time of use.

Then, with this in mind, it is decided to look for a fabric that is light enough to allow for proper sweat as well as support, which will be important when using shin guards, but which is also padded so that it fits the foot comfortably and avoids the creation of blisters.

Some socks include an extra feature by fitting correctly and comfortably to the foot: an anatomical design, for example, achieving not only the support or perspiration as indicated above but also protection from cold weather.

Other aspects that can find within these fabrics are the anti-slip technology that can characterize them and the technology-based on compression, focused on improving and accelerating blood flow; the technology for cushioning or shock absorption is also standard within footballer's long socks.


Is the use of long socks mandatory?

Just as footballers don't recommend to wear cheap soccer jerseys worn by fans, it doesn't suggest wearing short socks. So it is easy to deduce that it is mandatory to wear the appropriate clothing authorized by the club.

That is to say, the professional and original T-shirts made to be used in every match having the shorts, protective nets, or other protective clothing, including the long socks.

And why? The answer is simple: wearing long socks not only ends up being beneficial for the player's health and sports performance thanks to the many features they have, but it also covers the shin pads, so they stay in place to cushion any knocks.

And although you can use various implements that good for you, such as protective nets or warmers, you cannot do without socks. And, aesthetically speaking, it prevents the lower part from clashes with the player's upper part's colors, i.e., the shirt and shorts.


Do the socks have to have holes in them?

Due to several aspects that have become noticeable in recent times, many fans can't help but wonder about the clothing that each player decides to wear, and sometimes they surprise with the new fashions that the field brings. An example of this can be the famous holes in the socks.

More than one footballer decides to cut their socks for comfort but is this the only reason they do it? Among so many opinions, one of the ones that can find is from experts indicating that its attribute to the psychological level is mental relief—feeling safe and calming anxiety before an important game.

A second opinion from players is that it may be less troublesome when holding shin guards. 

Which long socks should you choose?

Then, you organize a game either at a professional level or to play on a Sunday in a park with your friends, the first thing that comes to mind is how to carry out that previous preparation that you have to have, where to start?

If you don't have the right clothes, it is essential to consider shopping to ensure victory as well as comfort; just as you take the time to look for the turkey soccer jersey of the design you like best, you should take the time to try on every sock and find the one that fits your needs.

The main point to look for in these long socks is that they have the right sweat capacity, the other characteristics will depend on your position in the match and what kind of game you are talking about, in which court you will play.

Once these questions have answered, we proceed to determine the appropriate length, for example, for the position in which you play and the characteristics that they bring with them to discard those that do not provide you with comfort and that do not meet your requirements.

Archers or goalkeepers may prefer thicker long socks, while the front men may prefer shorter socks for better maneuverability and more opportunity for movement.