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Why are authentic jerseys so expensive?
2020-09-23 10:47:22

Why are authentic jerseys so expensive?

Buying cheap soccer jerseys is a task that often becomes difficult when looking for authenticity, that is, that they are not a poor quality copy of your favorite team's shirt. But why does it become so difficult to get an original jersey of your team?

Several factors determine why an original soccer shirt is so expensive in brand name stores and cheap soccer jerseys. And that is that quality is not the only that plays an essential role in determining its cost; fabric, shipping, distribution, and vendors are part of this grand scheme.


Why these high prices?

When we visualize each team's different soccer shirts in the stores, we notice that their price is usually very similar and expensive, and it is inevitable that the million-dollar question arises: why are they so expensive? Why can't you buy cheap soccer jerseys?

Besides the fact that they belong to a prestigious and renowned soccer team, their high cost comes from a long chain that will answer this question.

1. Manufacturing:

The chain starts with the import of high-quality fabrics that fit what the big manufacturing brands (Puma, for example) are looking for to dress the players of the team they sponsor; then, the import of these fabrics and their manufacture add to the final cost of the shirt.

2. Distribution:

Once the jerseys finish the manufacturing process, the next step will be their distribution to all those stores that work with the big manufacturing companies or those retailers that sell these shirts in their stores.

To earn a percentage of each shirt's sales, they increase their price, so it is not so common to find cheap soccer jerseys unless they are not original.

3. Brands and clubs:

What else adds value to the final price of an original soccer shirt? Another aspect to add to the list is the price paid by the manufacturers or brands. The clubs for using their brand for manufacturing these soccer shirts for which the fans are so crazy.

4. VAT:

Finally, this great chain adds to the price of each t-shirt the percentage of VAT that every transaction handles by law. So buying cheap soccer jerseys is not an easy task to accomplish when looking for quality and retail stores, or brand name stores, that sell your favorite team's shirts.


The original soccer jerseys

Soccer shirts are purchased by fans, whatever their price and regardless of the great process involved in their manufacture, distribution, or the taxes added to each purchase made.

Wearing your favorite team's shirt in any game or occasion, for many, is happiness at its best. However, it is essential to clarify that the soccer teams' original jerseys sold to the fans are usually replica jerseys with minimum details that differentiate them from the authentic jersey.

But why would such an expensive T-shirt be a replica? Just as there is a jersey for each player with fabric, the brands are in charge of creating a model that uses a more comfortable fabric so that spectators or fans can use it, and in which small details will change for their use and comfort.

This way, these shirts vary between player and spectator, even more, the ones designed for the spectators since you will find an endless number of details and colors that move away from the original design getting cheap soccer jerseys with less quality. 

Difference between replica soccer jerseys

As it expects that quality and practicality accompany the players in each of the matches they play, the shirts have materials that make them light and the player.

These materials cannot use to make cheap soccer jerseys or to take them to the stores for fans to buy because they would be even more expensive. These players' shirts are between 140 and 200 euros depending on the team and the store that sells them.



But is there such a difference in quality, fabric, and detail between the replicas? :

Yes, we can highlight the fabric used since standard materials used for the replicas, but more technical textiles use; they usually have panels for perspiration that evaporate the sweat, maintaining the body temperature besides keeping the player dry.

Another point to highlight is the sewing that the replicas, or the cheap soccer jerseys, have; they are not the same as an original shirt since they intended to be flat not to irritate the player during the game; it applies for details, logos, or team shields.

As mentioned above, unlike original T-shirts, which can be extremely expensive for all the features they include, replica T-shirts have a lower value because their quality in lightness and practicality drops considerably.


Buy cheap soccer jerseys.

Taking into account all the processes involved in the manufacture of a soccer shirt, plus the materials used to suit the player, you can justify the high price they have, even for replicas of these.

However, in comparison to the original soccer shirts, it can be said that buying cheap soccer jerseys is possible. It is enough for many fans to have a shirt of their favorite team with their favorite player's name without so much detail is generally better than buying a sweater at such a high price.