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How to get the right size for my soccer jersey?
Author: Echo
2016-08-12 14:57:36

Nearly everyone has an experience of buying wrong size clothing. What if you had bought a soccer jersey of wrong-size from a cross-border online shopping platform? Just image it: you spend very less money to get an awesome replica soccer jersey, you are quite satisfied with the quality, pattern and color, but the question is you just can’t wear it because of the wrong size. It’s difficult or impossible for you to check for the fit of your soccer jersey before purchase if you buy it from an online soccer makes!  To avoid the hassle of having to send your product back to the retailer for exchange, you must know how to get the right size for you soccer jersey. Here I would like to share some tips with you as below!

Tip 1: Before selecting a size, the first thing you should carefully think about is shrinkage rates.

If the jerseys you are going to buy are constructed of synthetic materials, they shall not shrink when you run them through the wash. But if your jerseys are poly-cotton products, you can expect them to shrink from 3% to 4%. As to the all-cotton jerseys, they shall shrink from 7% to 10% the first time they go through the washing process. The simple rule-of-thumb is to buy a size up to allow for shrinkage. But remember to follow washing instructions faithfully once you get your soccer jersey!

Tip 2: Before putting the soccer jersey you like into cart, you should also check the country to which you have your order shipped.

Generally, there is the culture difference in sizing of the soccer jerseys made from different country. For instance, an American medium size soccer jersey is often as big as the Chinese large size one. Some soccer retailers often provide sizing and conversion charts for reference, but, there is no harm in buying a soccer jersey a little bit larger than your normal size to avoid size difference, especially if you are shopping for soccer jerseys of Chinese origin.

After reading above article, you should have some basic knowledge on selecting right size soccer jersey. If you are still unsure about the right size, you can just chat directly to customer service people to ask for the advice on what size to select. By all means, avoid any sizing miscalculations you might inadvertently make before ordering the soccer jersey you had your heart set on.